Vauxhall 1.9 CDTI EDC16 ECU Cloning

Vauxhall 1.9 CDTI EDC16 ECU Cloning

Recently we had this EDC16 ECU dropped off with us to be cloned. The original ECU had been water damaged so this ECU along with another ECU was dropped off to be cloned. Using KTAG and the EDC16 BDM probe we made light work of the cloning procedure. Whilst we were pulling the data from …

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ECU Repair AM2900 main flash


As ECU specialists we code, programme and diagnose failed ECU’s. ECU Testing is a frequent task we perform however its not often we replace the main flash, in this case the am900 flash found in a bosch ME9 ECU. The Mercedes CLS 350 was having issues with the fans constantly running. Mercedes fans constantly running …

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Mondays VLOG Update 23/03/2020 Mercedes ECU Testing

mercedes specialists saxmundham

At the start of this week we took delivery of our new “Micro” service van so we are able to provide more mobile support locally for garages and mechanics alike. We will be doing more progress videos of the caddy as we progress with the build to make it our own. We also had a …

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U0101 fault code

u0101 fault code

The ford fault code U0101 is becoming more and more common we have seen this fault code become increasingly more frequent in ford vehicles including the ford fiesta and the ford focus. U0101 fault code relates to the transmission ECU this U0101 code may also be accompanied by other faults including loss of commutations errors …

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Mercedes Door Control module Programming

Mercedes Door control module programming

Mercedes ECU programming using Mercedes Star and Mercedes Xentry diagnostics. This mercedes SLK came into us with intermittent door locking issues after the door lock mechanism was replaced by another local garage. After running diagnostics on the left hand door control module we found no faults, the car was fully satisfied that everything was in …

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FORD Fiesta Automatic gearbox Fault – FORD IDS

Yesterday we were called to Orford Just outside of Woodbridge in Suffolk to a 2013 ford fiesta with an automatic gearbox fault. The vehicle had been to a local ford dealer who diagnosed a faulty gearbox ECU (TCU). The TCU is the control unit that is in control of all gearbox functions.  Upon arrival in …

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