mercedes eis ezs repair service

Do you have a Mercedes Key that suddenly stops working in the ignition? Is it not turning on the ignition? This issue is familiar with Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class models, as well as the S-Class model, C-Class, S-Classes, S-Classes, CLK-Classes, SL-Classes, and ML-Class models. Service Specifications Mercedes owners frequently experience the problem of their key not …

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Jaguar Diagnostic testing & Jaguar Fault finding

Jaguar Diagnostics

GEL Automotive Jaguar diagnostics specialists based in Ipswich Suffolk. Independent Jaguar specialists fully equipped with Jaguar Landrover SDD diagnostics as well as Jaguar and Landrover Pathfinder ONLINE allowing us to perform an OEM (main dealer) level of diagnostics. With this level of specialist equipment we are able to perform online coding and programming as well …

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U0101 fault code

u0101 fault code

The ford fault code U0101 is becoming more and more common we have seen this fault code become increasingly more frequent in ford vehicles including the ford fiesta and the ford focus. U0101 fault code relates to the transmission ECU this U0101 code may also be accompanied by other faults including loss of commutations errors …

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Ford TCM Failure – VLOG

GEL Automotive vlog updates

The ford fiesta and ford focus both suffer from TCM (transmission control module) failures, these are not uncommon and are a recognised problem in ford vehicles. The transmission ECU (TCM) is very easy to remove and replace but also its very expensive, From your ford main dealer you will be looking at £900 upwards depending …

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BMW E90 320D 4D4A Fault – DPF

Today we visited a customer in Saxmundham, Suffolk who had some DPF problems. The BMW DPf system holds on to 4D4A fault code even after deleting the code, The customer had used a number of OBD faut code readers to delete the code but it kept coming straight back. BMW ISTA + is the only …

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