mercedes eis ezs repair service

Do you have a Mercedes Key that suddenly stops working in the ignition? Is it not turning on the ignition? This issue is familiar with Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class models, as well as the S-Class model, C-Class, S-Classes, S-Classes, CLK-Classes, SL-Classes, and ML-Class models. Service Specifications Mercedes owners frequently experience the problem of their key not …

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Mercedes W204 ECU Reprogram with Mercedes Xentry after failed autotuner flash

w204 c class ecu repair

Recently we visited a local tuning / ecu remapping company based in Norwich. AC Tuning had attempted to flash a W204 Mercedes Class using the world renowned Autotuner remapping hardware. They encountered a hardware issue leading to corrupt data in the ECU that would require ECU recovery using Mercedes Xentry and SCN Coding. Luckily we …

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Mercedes Adblue fault – Mercedes Xentry Guided Procedure

Mercedes adblue fault

After performing a number of AdBlue fixes on behalf of local Mercedes specialists we have since released the technical procedure / guide so both our customers and other Mercedes specialists are able to effectively diagnose and cure the dreaded Mercedes AdBlue fault. Complaint:Engine diagnosis warning lamp lights up.“Check AdBlue” or “No start in XXX km …

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Mercedes SCN Coding | Xentry Tech Guide

mercedes xentry SCN Coding

Since model year 2003, a new coding technique is needed in case an engine control module ortransmission control component is replaced or flashed. The exhaust guidelines require that all codable( emission-relevant) electronic control components have a Software application Calibration Number (SCN) which distinctlydetermines the control module variation mounted in the automobile. This procedure has been …

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Mercedes W204 C class 7g gearbox ECU programming

Mercedes 7g gearbox ECU programming and SCN Coding. This W204 C class had a transmission ECU fault and was recovered to our workshop for the gearbox / transmission ECU to be coded and programmed. The 7g ECU need to be programmed Online with Mercedes Xentry via SCN coding online. GEL Automotive electrical LTD are full …

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Mercedes Sprinter Remap with EGR & DPF Delete

Mercedes sprinter remap

This 2.1 Mercedes sprinter uses the Delphi Engine control unit, meaning that the remap can be applied by VIA the OBD port. No removal of the ECU is require and all communication is via the diagnostic interface. We applied a Stage 1 remap to this particular 2011 Sprinter along with a DPF delete and an …

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