Vauxhall corsa water damaged ecu

The Corsa D ECU is prone to water damage due to its location. We had this 2009 corsa recovered into us with a number of issues including failure to start. Initially we ran Tech2 diagnostics on the car to find an abnormal amount of fault codes. In this particular corsa D we managed to end up with 22 fault codes stored in the ECU. one of the fault codes P063F stood out like a sore thumb as this effectively means there is n internal fault with the ECU. P063F along with 8 other fault codes remained after cleaning and we still had a non start situation. We ran a number of tests including reading the data directly from the ECU so we knew there was communication at least. Upon opening the ECU we noticed water damage to the board we attempted to repair this by heating and re soldering the worst but this did not work in this case.

We advised the customer that the ECU would need to be replaced. At the moment we are sourcing a replacement ECU on behalf of the customer. If you suspect you have a water damaged ECU please feel free to get in touch we may be able to repair or seek a replacement unit for you.

This water damaged ECU was diagnosed using vauxhall Tech2 OEM diagnostics, Tech2 is the PRE 2010 vauxhall main dealer diagnostic equipment. Tech2 allows us to diagnose, code and programme with accuracy.