Ford Transit Mk8 DPF Regeneration

Recently we have seen a number of MK8 Transits with DPF issues. As independent Ford specialists we are fully equipped with Ford IDS and Ford FRDS we can perform diagnostics, coding and programming all using OEM Ford software as your ford main dealer would. This particular Ford transit visited a number of garages before coming …

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FORD Transit Custom Speed limiter programming

FORD IDS Programming

Ford Transit speed limiter activation and removal using ford IDS / VCM to reprogram both engine management and BCM. ****Please note some ford transit speed limiters are ONLY able to be removed with a software update / upgrade. Ford Transit factory (OEM) speed limiters are able to be removed and activated using ford IDS. As …

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Ford Diagnostic fault finding using ford IDS & Forescan

Ford Diagnostic fault finding using ford IDS

Using a combination of Ford IDS & Forscan we are able to diagnose even the most complex of for faults diagnostically, As pictured we recently had a ford focus 1.0 ECOBOOST in the workshop with a fuel pressure issue only at low speed and low RPM. This Focus ecoboost had been to a ford main …

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U0101 fault code

u0101 fault code

The ford fault code U0101 is becoming more and more common we have seen this fault code become increasingly more frequent in ford vehicles including the ford fiesta and the ford focus. U0101 fault code relates to the transmission ECU this U0101 code may also be accompanied by other faults including loss of commutations errors …

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