Vauxhall 1.9 CDTI EDC16 ECU Cloning

Recently we had this EDC16 ECU dropped off with us to be cloned. The original ECU had been water damaged so this ECU along with another ECU was dropped off to be cloned. Using KTAG and the EDC16 BDM probe we made light work of the cloning procedure. Whilst we were pulling the data from the ECU the customer asked us to disable the EGR valve as this was a known fault prior to the ECU fault / Failure.

The ECU cloning procedure can take well over an hour on some ecu’s but in this case the ecu was clone in under one hour including the EGR removal. As this was a direct copy of the vehicles original ECU the customer was able to simply plug in a go.

For more information on ECU testing or ECU cloning please feel free to get in touch, our workshop is based in Saxmundham Suffolk just off of the A12 but we are able to provide a mobile service throughout Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk where possible.