DSG Gearbox Programming, Adaptations and Basic Settings

DSG Gesrbox adaptatios and basic settings

DSG gearbox programming and setup after the module / ECU Change, This DSQ200 gearbox from a volkswagen jetta although the same DSQ200 found in many VAG group vehicles. Firstly the DSG / Gearbox control unit need to be programmed / checked for a software update using ODIS / GEKO (online coding) as this was a …

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Mercedes Door Control module Programming

Mercedes Door control module programming

Mercedes ECU programming using Mercedes Star and Mercedes Xentry diagnostics. This mercedes SLK came into us with intermittent door locking issues after the door lock mechanism was replaced by another local garage. After running diagnostics on the left hand door control module we found no faults, the car was fully satisfied that everything was in …

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Vlog Updates From GEL Automotive

GEL Automotive vlog updates

After a busy week with diagnostics, Key programming and coding of various ECU’s we have another jam packed weekend and week to come. As Suffolk’s independent diagnostic specialists we are one of a very limited group of independent diagnostic specialists. We hope you enjoy the latest VLOG Update Below Based in Saxmndham, Suffolk in between …

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MK7 Transit Keys Programmed in Ipswich, Suffolk

This afternoon we had a phone call from another auto electrician who was having issues with some ford transit keys being programmed. With Ford IDS the OEM ford diagnostic and programming tool, we managed to programme one remote (Blue FOB) and x2 non remote keys. In most cases we are able to provide a same …

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Jaguar XF Key programming

Jaguar Part Numbers: C2D43576 / C2D51455 / C2D51458 Transponder: ID47 – PCF7953 Frequency: 433 Mhz Key Blade: HU101 Jaguar key programming in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk, Recently we have had a number of enquires from customers local to us (ipswich, lowestoft, felixstowe) looking for jaguar keys to be programmed. We are aware we areone of the …

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Volkswagen, Audi, VAG Group Feature coding

We often get asked what can we code and programme in terms of VAG Group OEM features. So we put a small list together of the common factory settings / activations we perform regularly. Of course there are many more options and activation’s available this is just a list of basic common features. MMI & …

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Ford Transit Mk8 Diagnostics, Coding & Programming with Ford IDS

PCM and IPC Module programming in Norwich, Norfolk today using the newest version of ford IDS OEM diagnostics. This MK8 2018 ford transit was on our list for mobile coding and programming as a local rental company had been in touch over Christmas in need of the PCM (ECU) programmed and initialised. When we arrived …

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