BMW Specialist Auto Electrician – Review

Recently Mr Vara came upto our workshop in Suffolk from North London with a BMW Mevd17 ECU from a BMW F30 2.0D. After visiting a number of local BMW specialists in london we had been recommended by one of the local garages as a last attempt to fix this issue.

After a few phones to discuss the issue Mr Vara made his way up to us from North London with his ECU. On initial inspection we could see no damage visually and after testing on the bench we had the same errors as the garage did by OBD.

THE ISSUE, reduced engine power displayed in IDrive along with very little power and a number of misfires, This error happens almost immediately once the vehicle is started.

We were sure we could fix the issue but it would take a few hours of dedicated time for us to open the ECU casing and take a deeper look inside the MEVD17 ECU.

The MEVD17 casing is very hard to remove without a careful amount of heat applied, once opened we could see the issue so we advised Mr Vara of what needed to be done and a rough cost depending on the time taken.

After 3 hours we had re flowed some solder and replace a burnt capacitor. We advised Mr Vara that these were they only issues found and that this is a 50 / 50 chance of curing the issue.

The next day Mr Vara collected his ECU after we resealed, Once he returned home the local garage collected the ECU and refitted. The first push of the start butting the vehicle started with zero faults and no error when the faults are read !!!.

If you are having running issues and are looking for a BMW specialist in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk please feel free to get in touch with us at GEL Automotive Electrical LTD.

Please see the progress video of the MEVD17.2 Repair

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