BMW 8TF Active Pedestrian Protection Removal

You’ll have probably found this article because you’re searching for a more affordable option to repair or remove the BMW Active Pedestrian Protection System. A fault or damaged component, or indeed the system activating as intended could result in one or more of the codes below: 9909AC Pedestrian Protection System, Front Left Resistance Too High …

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Stage 1 Remapping in Ipswich suffolk

Unlocking Your Car’s Potential with Stage 1 ECU Remapping in Ipswich If you’re in Ipswich and looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance, stage 1 ECU remapping might just be the game-changer you need. This process is not just about boosting power; it’s about fine-tuning your car to its optimum efficiency and performance. What is Stage …

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1.4 seconds 0-60 !!! Will you become a VOLT Head

green team world record

Students at the University of Stuttgart have set a new record in acceleration of 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph). Participants from Green Team Formula Student were able to sprint from a standing stop to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) in just 1.779 seconds. This beats the previous record of 0.006 seconds. This amazing feat was possible …

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Honda DPF Filter Issues

honda cdti dpf fault

DPF Cleans are not recommended if you have a blocked DPF. We see most DPF light-related bookings. However, as long as the problems are properly identified and addressed before the DPF blocks are applied, the vehicle will begin regenerating normally again. We see the following issues that prevent DPF regeneration: – Not getting warm enough.– …

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mercedes eis ezs repair service

Do you have a Mercedes Key that suddenly stops working in the ignition? Is it not turning on the ignition? This issue is familiar with Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class models, as well as the S-Class model, C-Class, S-Classes, S-Classes, CLK-Classes, SL-Classes, and ML-Class models. Service Specifications Mercedes owners frequently experience the problem of their key not …

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The Complete Guide to Finding An Auto Electrician (auto electrician blogs, auto electrician services, automotive software)

Auto Electrician suffolk

Find out below on how to find your local auto electrician How to Find The Best Auto Electrician in Suffolk,Essex and Norfolk – GEL Automotive are fully equipped and poised to deal with automotive coding, programming and diagnostic testing. How Do You Select The Best Auto electrician in Ipswich? It’s as easy as calling, emailing …

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Retro Emergency Lighting Installation – Ipswich Auto Electrician

We like all things flashing lights! Whether it be historic, private, recovery, police, fire, ambulance or any other type of flashing light! This American Crown Victoria was in need of a little love to get all its original features back up and running. We carried out repairs and re-wiring as required. For any automotive electrical …

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