Volkswagen Engine Management Light

Volkswagen Diagnostic

Volkswagen Engine management light – The Basics On Volkswagen cars the engine management light is one of the basic signs that illuminates on your car’s dashboard. It’s typically an amber light that lies in or around the instruments behind the steering wheel, and appears when the vehicle’s electronics – sensors, to be more accurate – …

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MIB2 Performance monitor activation Update Golf MY19


Below is the Tech Bulletin for MY19 registered vehicles without the Performance monitor MY19 Golf-R Performance Monitor (Sport HMT) During production, software for the Performance Monitor (HMI), which is a feature listed on the vehicle’s Monroney Label, was not added to MY19 Golf R units. As a result, this feature is not currently enabled on …

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Jaguar Diagnostic testing & Jaguar Fault finding

Jaguar Diagnostics

GEL Automotive Jaguar diagnostics specialists based in Ipswich Suffolk. Independent Jaguar specialists fully equipped with Jaguar Landrover SDD diagnostics as well as Jaguar and Landrover Pathfinder ONLINE allowing us to perform an OEM (main dealer) level of diagnostics. With this level of specialist equipment we are able to perform online coding and programming as well …

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Mercedes Adblue fault – Mercedes Xentry Guided Procedure

Mercedes adblue fault

After performing a number of AdBlue fixes on behalf of local Mercedes specialists we have since released the technical procedure / guide so both our customers and other Mercedes specialists are able to effectively diagnose and cure the dreaded Mercedes AdBlue fault. Complaint:Engine diagnosis warning lamp lights up.“Check AdBlue” or “No start in XXX km …

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