DSG Gearbox Programming, Adaptations and Basic Settings

DSG gearbox programming and setup after the module / ECU Change, This DSQ200 gearbox from a volkswagen jetta although the same DSQ200 found in many VAG group vehicles. Firstly the DSG / Gearbox control unit need to be programmed / checked for a software update using ODIS / GEKO (online coding) as this was a used ECU we must ensure the correct patch / update is applied to the gearbox / DSG ECU. If the control module is a perfect match in terms of software we can skip this step.

Once the ECU is programmed / Coded we can then move on to the setup stage where we perform the basic settings and adaptations. The basic settings is a test plan that ensures in simple terms the that the DSG gearbox is functioning correctly at a very low level hence the basic. Once this is performed the Adaptations should be reset to ensure the control unit is effectively fresh with no learned data stored.

If you are having DSG issues with a Volkswagen, seat Audi or skoda fitted with any version on the DSG gearbox please feel free to get in touch we are fully equipped with ODS / GEKO to ensure the correct coding and programming procedures are carried out. We are based in Saxmundham suffolk just off of the A12 between Ipswich and Lowestoft. Please feel free to either give us a call on 0330 043 4329 or use the live chat at the bottom of this page should you have any questions.