Volvo ICM Diagnostics – Volvo VIDA Specialist diagnostics

Recently we had a Volvo V70 in with a faulty ICM unit the customer was having issues with the radio and control panel not working. The customer had purchased a secondhand ICM for us to fit, Code and programme using Volvo VIDA / Volvo DICE. Firstly we ran a full diagnostic scan using Volvo Vida that found 14 faults mainly due to the canbus network in the vehicle as many ECU’s and controls units were unplugged by the customer to test.

After determining the network faults were false we set to work fitting the “new” unit. After installing we still had some faults but the new ICM was recognised by the vehicle. We performed a number of test plans to test the ICM and discovered that we had a loose connection within the ICM itself.

Rather than keep the customer waiting we opened up both ICM units, Swapped the screen from the original and we used the “new” PCB. To make sure we had no loose connection we re soldered the LEGS to ensure this. We we plugged the mixture of units in we had one fully working ICM with no cutting out and absolutely no faults.

If you are looking for specialist volvo diagnostics in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk please feel free to get in touch. GEL Automotive is able to provide a Full OEM diagnostic, coding and programming service either at our Saxmundham based workshop or fully mobile in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk,