Volkswagen throttle body coding

Recently we had this volkswagen scirocco 2.0 TFSI come into the workshop on behalf of a local garage to have a new throttle body coded and programmed. Using volkswagen ODIS we set to work as the throttle body was already fitted.

The process of throttle body coding & programming

Using VW ODIS this is a very simple programming procedure even when compared with VCDS, ODIS wins hands down. The programming and adaptions take around 25 minutes each to complete this will then configure the basic setting for the vehicle. After this procedure we then take on a test drive to ensure perfect working order of all functions.

Volkswagen ODIS / VCDS

For all Volkswagen coding and programming we use VCDS and ODIS to perform such tasks, ODIS gives us the main dealer ability and also allows us to perform online programming directly from the OEM server this minimises any user error and also ensure 100% comparability. VCDS allows us to quickly perform adaptations and functions like adding cruise control. Both tools are approved and are available for most functions either on site at our workshop or mobile where possible.