Volkswagen T5 Transporter (ODIS Online)

Volkswagen instrument cluster swap

Recently we had this Volkswagen T5 Transporter in for an instrument cluster swap. When the instrument cluster is swapped the following needs to be changed Keys / Adapted & Programmed Mileage Changed / Corrected (so as to reflect the vehicle mileage NOT the cluster) ABS coded / Programmed (if applicable) When fitting a new Volkswagen …

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Volkswagen Coding & Activation’s

Volkwagen coding in suffolk

Today we added some little touches to our Volkswagen Caddy service van. As coding specialists we can code and programme features and optional extras to many VAG group vehicles including the Volkwagen Caddy. The first thing that we wanted to Upgrade was the DRL (daytime Running lights). We wanted the “Switchback” setup, as per the …

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Volkswagen coding & programming

Volkswagen coding by GEL Automotive, with a number of tools capable of Diagnostic testing, coding and programming Volkswagen vehicles we are able to perform simple Diagnostics and fault finding all the way through to ECU matching and programming. Volkswagen ECU adaptations, we are able to reset and relearn ECU adaptations on just about any Volkswagen …

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