Volkswagen T5 Transporter (ODIS Online)

Recently we had this Volkswagen T5 Transporter in for an instrument cluster swap. When the instrument cluster is swapped the following needs to be changed

  • Keys / Adapted & Programmed
  • Mileage Changed / Corrected (so as to reflect the vehicle mileage NOT the cluster)
  • ABS coded / Programmed (if applicable)

When fitting a new Volkswagen instrument cluster this will need to be programmed to the vehicle, We use Volkswagen ODIS (Online) to code and programme directly from the Volkswagen Servers making this a very secure and safe procedure. After the instrument cluster is programmed the mileage will display differently in the cluster and the mileage should be corrected to reflect the vehicles true mileage. Using mileage correction tool we are able to change the mileage to reflect the true mileage. The mileage data is read from the other control units such as the engine ECU.

On the MBQ platform vehicles ODIS online is essential there are few other tools capable of performing this task safely.

For any more information on Volkswagen coding, programming or retro fitting please feel free to get in touch. As independent Volkswagen specialists we are fully equipped to diagnose, code, programme and retrofit both offline and online using a range of tools and equipment such as ODIS and VCDS as well as specific function tools.