Volkswagen Coding & Activation’s

Today we added some little touches to our Volkswagen Caddy service van. As coding specialists we can code and programme features and optional extras to many VAG group vehicles including the Volkwagen Caddy.

The first thing that we wanted to Upgrade was the DRL (daytime Running lights). We wanted the “Switchback” setup, as per the video below we wanted the DRL to turn off whilst indicating just like the newer R models and S models from Audi. Do enable swich back we used one of our data sets to simply enable this function and change the LONG CODE automatically.

Apart from look different to other Volkswagen Caddy models the indicators are more visible with the DRL disabled during indication. Its a nice touch and provides extra viability. Next up was one touch unlock, We wanted all the rear doors to unlock with the front doors just so we easy access to the load area. This again was coded using one of our auto data lists.

Volkswagen Coding – DRL

Next up was to increase th DRL brightness to full as we are using our Ultra LED’s as the DRL we wanted to make the most of the brightness. We programmed 95% on DRL and off when the head lights are on.


  • DRL Brighness Coded
  • One touch unlock Coded
  • DRL Swichback coded

If you are looking for a Volkswagen coding specialist in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk we are able to provide a mobile service for most activations subject to availability. Alternatively you can have your car coded at our Saxmundham based workshop, We are located on the A12 in between Ipswich and Lowestoft.