Volkswagen T5 Transporter (ODIS Online)

Volkswagen instrument cluster swap

Recently we had this Volkswagen T5 Transporter in for an instrument cluster swap. When the instrument cluster is swapped the following needs to be changed Keys / Adapted & Programmed Mileage Changed / Corrected (so as to reflect the vehicle mileage NOT the cluster) ABS coded / Programmed (if applicable) When fitting a new Volkswagen …

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Volkswagen Coding in Eye, Suffolk

Volkswagen Instrument cluster repair

This week we had a call from a regular customer of ours, This Volkswagen Caddy has some minor coding tweeks and needed a software update. At GEL Automotive Electrical LTD we have full Volkswagen diagnostics including Volkswagen ODIS OEM Main dealer equipment, This allows us to code, program and as well as add and remove …

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