Volkswagen specialist coding – Amarok ECU Update and coding

This volkswagen Amarok visited out workshop in Saxmundham, Suffolk after being recommended by a tuning company locally to the customer in Norwich.

The customer was looking for the latest version of engine ECU software to potentially cure two issues with his Volkswagen Amarok. The first issue was mild hesitation on light Throttle and the second was the DPF filter was frequently regenerating.

Both issues in this case are not always related to software, however we did a technical service bulletin check and found hesitation was listed in the engine ECU update and this is also what the customer had found.

We got to work firstly but plugging in VAS and ODIS (OEM MAIN DEALER DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT) we then ran a full vehicle scan to see any potential faults of which we had a completely error free log. So then we set ODIS to work, after logging in online to the Volkswagen server we could then perform the engine ECU update. After a good half an hour the update was applied and we test drove the vehicle to ensure it was still fault free and to see if the update had cured the hesitation at least.

On return from a short test drive we felt no hesitation and have since handed the vehicle over to the customer for him to test and report back in regards to the regeneration and the hesitation.

If you are looking for an independent volkswagen diagnostic Specialist based in Suffolk please do feel free to get i. Touch.