Volkswagen coding & programming

Volkswagen coding by GEL Automotive, with a number of tools capable of Diagnostic testing, coding and programming Volkswagen vehicles we are able to perform simple Diagnostics and fault finding all the way through to ECU matching and programming.

Volkswagen ECU adaptations, we are able to reset and relearn ECU adaptations on just about any Volkswagen petrol or diesel vehicle we can even perform adaptations on Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Personalisation, with our coding and programming knowledge we can perform personalisation upgrades from Cornering lights to seat belt beeps if it can be programmed we are more than happy to programme any features you maybe looking for.

Vcds, odis and vagcom, yes we have them all. These diagnostic tools perform within reason the same functions in different ways there is not a right or a wrong way the same result can be achieved from each.

If you are looking for a Diagnostic or coding and programming service for your Volkswagen please feel free to get in touch.