Specialist BMW Diagnostics

BMW Specialist Diagnostics

Specialists in BMW diagnostics, Using ISTA +, ISTA D & ISTA P

Specialist diagnostics for BMW in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk

GEL Automotive have full OEM main dealer BMW diagnostic testing equipment providing a BMW main dealer level of expertise with a service that is available at your door step with our fully mobile diagnostic, coding and programming service in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. We are also able to provide specialist BMW diagnostics, coding and programming at our Suffolk based workshop. 

As BMW specialist auto electricians equipped with BMW ISTA+ and ISTA P we are able to diagnose and programme with precision, We can also perform both software and firmware updates including gearbox and power upgrades. Our BMW diagnostic and programming services are normally performed at our Suffolk based workshop however where applicable we can perform a mobile service subject to availability. 

BMW OEM Diagnostics

BMW Fault finding

BMW Diagnostics

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OEM / Dealer Diagnosis


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OEM Programming


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BMW OEM / Main Dealer Diagnostics

Independent BMW diagnostic specialists, using OEM hardware and software we are able to pin point and BMW faults with precision. Using specialist brand specific equipment we have the same and in some cases more control and a higher accuracy than your BMW main dealer. 

BMW retrofit
BMW ista diagnostics

BMW Software Updates & Software Adaptations

An adaptation is effectivly a data set specific to you and your vehicle data is build over time and is adapted to a whole range of parameters inputted by the driver and key components, over time this data set can malfunction and cause issues. By resetting these adaptations we clear this data so it can “rebuild” This will solve a number of BMW Known issues. 

BMW Release regular software updates for known faults and issues. A software update for your BMW can solve a wide range of issues normally small scale problems but software updates are known to cure major issues too.

BMW Coding, Programming and Retrofit

From coding BMW ECU’s and Control units to Programming a simple battery replacement or Retrofitting parts from other models such as paddle shifters and media upgrades. Free free to send us an email / live chat or give us a call to discuss any of the above for your BMW. 

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