BMW 8TF Active Pedestrian Protection Removal

You’ll have probably found this article because you’re searching for a more affordable option to repair or remove the BMW Active Pedestrian Protection System. A fault or damaged component, or indeed the system activating as intended could result in one or more of the codes below: 9909AC Pedestrian Protection System, Front Left Resistance Too High …

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Retro Emergency Lighting Installation – Ipswich Auto Electrician

We like all things flashing lights! Whether it be historic, private, recovery, police, fire, ambulance or any other type of flashing light! This American Crown Victoria was in need of a little love to get all its original features back up and running. We carried out repairs and re-wiring as required. For any automotive electrical …

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BMW Diagnostics for BMW Motorcycles

BMW Motorcycles ipswich suffolk

We offer full main dealer diagnostics, coding, personalisation and programming on BMW motorcycles. This BMW R1200RT had intermittent electronic fuel cap issues. Sometimes the owner was unable to open the flap. We diagnosed the issue using main dealer equipment. BMW ISTA. We were also able to carry out all software updates outstanding. Specialist BMW Motorcycle …

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Mercedes W204 ECU Reprogram with Mercedes Xentry after failed autotuner flash

w204 c class ecu repair

Recently we visited a local tuning / ecu remapping company based in Norwich. AC Tuning had attempted to flash a W204 Mercedes Class using the world renowned Autotuner remapping hardware. They encountered a hardware issue leading to corrupt data in the ECU that would require ECU recovery using Mercedes Xentry and SCN Coding. Luckily we …

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Volkswagen Engine Management Light

Volkswagen Diagnostic

Volkswagen Engine management light – The Basics On Volkswagen cars the engine management light is one of the basic signs that illuminates on your car’s dashboard. It’s typically an amber light that lies in or around the instruments behind the steering wheel, and appears when the vehicle’s electronics – sensors, to be more accurate – …

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