TDV8 Range Rover EGR Disable INC Blank

Range Rover diagnostics

As pictured Steve is under his own range rover TDV8, Steve is a friend of GEL Automotive and popped in as his TDV8 was in limp mode and basically no longer driveable. Firstly we plugged in Landrover SDD to run a full diagnostic test. Firstly the DPF filter was blocked with excessive soot mass and …

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FORD EGR Disable p0400 and P0401

EGR Disable p0400

Ford P0400 and P0401 are fault code that relate to the EGR valve. Rather than replace this troublesome EGR valve the customer requested the EGR to be removed (blanked) and disabled by the software so as this fault cannot occur again. The EGR Valve on the 1.8 TDCI mondeo is located on the top left …

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Custom Van Conversions

GEL Automotive have converted, painted and tuned a number of vans. Pictured below is one of our service vans that started life a a project. This peugeot partner was purchased as a service van for us to visit customers and performance diagnostic tests, when the van came to us it was white and full of …

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