Custom Van Conversions

GEL Automotive have converted, painted and tuned a number of vans. Pictured below is one of our service vans that started life a a project. This peugeot partner was purchased as a service van for us to visit customers and performance diagnostic tests, when the van came to us it was white and full of nasty plastic….. clearly not our style !!!

Firstly we striped the old white paint and filled in any imperfections from rust or dents we laid a base primer down (anti corrosive) then an adhesion primer not all that different from the actual colour. Once painted we then decided plain silver wheels also did not fit our look so we painted these in a satin black just to really set the nardo paint job off. Next off the van we serviced and android based head unit was installed will satnav bluetooth media and streaming so our driver had all his creature comforts.

You might think that this would be enough as its just an old work van ? nope we discovered is soon was not “quick” enough and it was becoming a smokey old girl, Upon cleaning the EGR valve and the DPF filter we decided to remove the EGR valve and treat the van to a carbon clean…. This in itself brough us a new van and a new lease of life the the 130K 1.6HDI engine BUT and a big BUT it still was no “race car” next we opted for a remap we remapped the van in house with bespoke software to deal with the egr delete and give some half decent gains in both power and of course (business head) economy !!.

This van is now sold, you may see her driving around in the Ipswich area of Suffolk please feel free to give her “toot” from us if you see her 🙂

If your looking for paint, bodywork, van conversions, remapping or in car entertainment please dont hesitate to contact us we cover Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk but are based on the Suffolk coast.