EGR Valve Disable – Remapping

The most common EGR Valve task we are set is to disable the EGR Valve along with the dreadded P0401, P0400 and P0402. We are frequently asked to delete and disable EGR Valves on a wide range of vehicles. Some time we a emulated solution and other a switched solution. The method and type of …

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FORD EGR Disable p0400 and P0401

EGR Disable p0400

Ford P0400 and P0401 are fault code that relate to the EGR valve. Rather than replace this troublesome EGR valve the customer requested the EGR to be removed (blanked) and disabled by the software so as this fault cannot occur again. The EGR Valve on the 1.8 TDCI mondeo is located on the top left …

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