TDV8 Range Rover EGR Disable INC Blank

As pictured Steve is under his own range rover TDV8, Steve is a friend of GEL Automotive and popped in as his TDV8 was in limp mode and basically no longer driveable. Firstly we plugged in Landrover SDD to run a full diagnostic test.

Firstly the DPF filter was blocked with excessive soot mass and the blocked DPF was the cause of limp mode and poor running. We proceeded to perform a DPF Regeneration so as to clear the DPF. After the DPF regen we performed a DPF inspection and then a high pressure DPF clean to ensure the regeneration was totally unblocked.

Next we had the EGR valve to disable, Steve had brought two EGR blanks along with him so we were able to physically block the EGR outlets off. After the EGR was blanked off we then set to work on reading the ECU software so we could modify the EGR values so as to electronically disable the EGR valve.

After the EGR software was loaded we then viewed the data sets relating to the EGR position to ensure the valve was closed at all RPM and throttle positions.

If you are looking at disabling your EGR valve or are suffering from EGR faults please feel free to get in touch.

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