Bentley W12 Exhaust Flap Modification / Rear Brake Pads

This Bentley Continental GT is owned by a previous customer of ours who was originally booked in for a set of performance (Brembo) rear brake pads, After fitting the pads we were asked if we could do any other little “bits” soo this got us going….. As the W12 is so quite in the bentley we wanted to make it slightly more noticeable so we did the flapper mod.

In the Exhaust system there is a flap that will open up under 100 percent throttle or abover 3000 RPM to let the exhaust gas and a touch more noise out when your “going for it” we modified the exhaust flap to allow this to be open all the way from 1200 RPM. This gives the W12 a greatly improved exhaust tone over stock but nothing to outrageous. Its a small but nice addition and gives the driver the heads up that there is a 6.0 LTR W12 30 cm away.

Below is a short video of the end result