Audi DPF Regeneration using ODIS

Audi A4 DPF Regeneration

Audi DPF Regeneration Using ODIS, ODIS is the VAG Group / Audi main dealer diagnostic software. This 2.0 TDI Audi A4 came in to our workshop in limp mode along with the flashing coil light. The flashing coil light indicates that the DPF Filter and or EGR valve is faulty. The coil light relates to …

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Vauxhall diagnostics using GDS2

vauxhall diagnostics

This insignia came our workshop in Saxmundham, Suffolk for a DPF issue using GDS2 OEM vauxhall diagnostics we were able to quickly pin point the fault within 10 minutes of the vehicle arriving. The customer had visited another local garage that was unable to diagnose the fault. We cannot express enough how OEM or main …

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Smoking, LandRover Dpf regeneration and carbon clean

Back the landrover discovery tdv6, so after much head scratching to solve the boost issues in our earlier post we lubricated the actuator arm and freed the actuator motor however the arm would not fully move and operate as it should, by using the boost data and arm position logs we did not see full …

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