Smoking, LandRover Dpf regeneration and carbon clean

Back the landrover discovery tdv6, so after much head scratching to solve the boost issues in our earlier post we lubricated the actuator arm and freed the actuator motor however the arm would not fully move and operate as it should, by using the boost data and arm position logs we did not see full travel of the arm although greatly improved with no faults and no limp mode.

The only other way without costing over £1000 to remove the turbo we to carbon clean. The carbon clean will remove most of the carbon that is stopping the arm from moving inside the vnt system. After 1 hour and 30 minutes we were starting to see a clear haze from the exhaust meaning from the inlet to the exhaust with everything in between such as the egr, inlet manifold ect was clean or cleaner than previous. At the start of the carbon clean we saw black and then blue smoke this is normal and is due to the carbon and oil being removed from parts internally.

Once the carbon clean was finished we test drive the vehicle and logged the data again, we had seen a huge improvement in the arm travel and the actual boost pressure at lower RPM. To ensure this was not luck we further tested for 50 plus miles over 3 different runs to ensure the customer will have a fully working discovery.

So if your looking for LandRover diagnostics or carbon cleaning either in Aldebrugh or saxmundham or if your looking for LandRover Diagnostics and your from further a field in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk we can and do provide a mobile service in these areas in particular Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, bury st Edmunds, Colchester.