Audi DPF Regeneration using ODIS

Audi DPF Regeneration Using ODIS, ODIS is the VAG Group / Audi main dealer diagnostic software. This 2.0 TDI Audi A4 came in to our workshop in limp mode along with the flashing coil light. The flashing coil light indicates that the DPF Filter and or EGR valve is faulty. The coil light relates to the emissions control system.

After running a full system scan we found a number of engine management faults including P0401, P0402 and P2463. After clearing the faults and reading the DPF soot levels with ODIS we discovered the DPF was blocked. We advised the customer that DPF filter would need a DPF clean to allow regeneration.

The customer agreed to a DPF clean so as we could perform a regeneration, After a 3 hour DPF clean we performed a DPF regeneration using ODIS and we managed to reduce the DPF soot mass to 2g. After the regen we still had to deal with P0402 and P0401 these are EGR valve codes. We advised the customer on the cost of a replacement and the cost of an EGR delete. The customer opted for the EGR delete due to the cost and extra benefits that the EGR delete offers.

If you are looking for an Audi specialist equipped with ODIS in Suffolk then please feel free to visit is in Saxmundham, We are based just off of the A12 in between Ipswich and Lowestoft. We are able to provide a mobile service in and around Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk for most of our diagnostic services.