Mercedes SCN Coding | Xentry Tech Guide

Since model year 2003, a new coding technique is needed in case an engine control module or
transmission control component is replaced or flashed. The exhaust guidelines require that all codable
( emission-relevant) electronic control components have a Software application Calibration Number (SCN) which distinctly
determines the control module variation mounted in the automobile. This procedure has been created to stop
incorrect coding of digital control modules.
The SCN Code is included a several digit/character coding string, a check and an scn number. It is
developed using the VIN based manufacturing facility spec information for the car along with the part variety of the
ECM changed or blinked. It recognizes both the control module software application as well as the coding satisfying
the particular lorry.
SCN Codes will certainly currently have the ability to be generated by authorized car dealership employees via any kind of computer system with
net accessibility or any NetStar Terminal. This will certainly be possible by the user accessing a safeguarded website
utilizing a log-on and also password special to the individual. The user then will have the ability to generate an SCN Code
using car data as well as information from the replaced/flashed ECM.

Generating an SCN Code–.
This treatment can just be performed after a Customer ID and also Password have actually been gotten as well as the ‘online.
process’ software has been downloaded and install. In order to obtain an SCN Code you need to have the complete VIN of the.
automobile along with the right part number, MEGABYTES Number or MEGABYTES Item Number (number needed is.
dependant on sort of ECM) of the ECM that you wish to obtain an SCN Code for. This ECU component number,.
MEGABYTES Number, or MB Object Number can be identified by CELEBRITY Diagnosis utilizing the ‘Control System Version’.
menu selection. Follow the treatment described in the body of the SI in order to acquire an SCN Code

. Create SCN Codes.

  1. Click switch on the top of the window (Figure 8).
    Number 8.
  2. Enter information right into required fields (Number 9).
    ( A) Get In VIN into “Lorry Identification Number” home window.
    ( B) Go Into PKW in the “Classification” box.
    ( C) Click on the control device you wish to produce an SCN Code for.
    ( D) Click the switch .
    ( E) Get In the Part Number or MB Item Variety of the control system. (Figure 10).
    ( F) Get In the Inspect Number [1] (Figure 10).
    ( G) FOR ENGINE 272 ONLY– Go into in the “Control Device Software” (MB Object Number INFORMATION &.
    CODE) numbers.
    Keep In Mind: Inspect Number [1] and also the “Control System Software Program” (MB Item Number INFORMATION & CODE).
    numbers are generated by the Celebrity Diagnosis System utilizing the “Determine Vehicle Data For.
    SCN Coding” menu option.
  3. Generate SCN Coding Info. (Number 10).
    ( H) Click button.
    Number 10.
  4. Show SCN Coding Information. (Number 11).
    ( I) Click the button. ( J) SCN Coding Information will after that be presented. ( K) Click on to publish the info.