Used Mercedes ABS Pump Coding & Programming

A Common failure of the Mercedes C-Class W204 ABS pump and component will develop multiple problems with ABS functions and ABS fault warning on your dashboard. The malfunction of the C-Class ABS will hamper the emergency braking system from running fully and will likewise prevent power steering support and functions in most cases.

Without any or heavy power guiding and just standard stopping effectively the vehicle becomes really difficult to drive and also possibly dangerous in emergency situation scenarios. Multiple warning lights as well as messages will certainly be present on the instrument collection including ABS, ESP, ‘Power steering breakdown’ and also ‘Run flat Sign defective’.

When diagnosing the issue with scan devices mistake codes will be discovered for control unit N30/4 ABS (5001, 5944 and 5945). Mercedes should only be diagnosed using OEM diagnostic tools and equipment such as Mercedes Star / Mercedes Xentry. As Ipswich based mercedes specialists we are equipped with upto date Mercedes diagnostic equipment and software allowing us to perform main dealer functions such as SCN coding.

Typically when wanting to settle these Mercedes C-Class ABS problems Mercedes dealerships may look for to buy a new replacement ABS PUMP direct from manufacture.

GEL Automotive have the ability to code as well as programme used Mercedes ABS pumps for practically all Mercedes commercial vehicles including commercial vehicles such as the Mercedes sprinter.