Mercedes C63S PP Upgrade – V8 BI Turbo

The C63S already has more than enough power but one of our regular customers was looking for something slightly more than your average. Out of the box we have 476 BHP (claimed) with the addition of the performance pack (software) and no additional hardware we see figures raise to 570 ++ BHP that just shy of 600 BHP that seats a family. Torque figures shoot up by 120 NM making for a total 820 NM. Within the next few weeks we will be seeing this C63S for a Pre Cat delete and a resonator delete, this will maintain the factory specs but give a more satisfying sound.

This upgrade changes the vehicle into a manageable performance car into a car that matches the performance of most “Supercars”. The PP upgrade does include changes / modified gearbox software to increase the grab point of the clutch and to allow for the extra torque. Additional monitoring is also applied and it is recommended to strictly stick to servicing guidelines to ensure reliability.

This PP Upgrade is only available at our Workshop based in Saxmundham Suffolk. If you would like any more information regarding the PP upgrade please feel free to get in touch.