Audi TT MK1 Immobiliser Disable – ME7 1.8T

We had a customer last weekend with a MK1 Audi TT that was having a few issues with the instrument cluster and keys being programmed a local locksmith attended the vehicle and was unable to programme the keys leaving the vehicle with starting issues and some corrupt data. We first had a look at the vehicle at the customers home address in Mendlesham, Suffolk where we tried to recover the ECU on behalf of the customer this failed and was only used as a intrim fix. The next day we collected the ECU, Instrument cluster and keys and took them back to the workshop in Saxmundham.

Firstly we opened the ECU so we could read all the data and take a full backup, We then disabled the immobiliser from the ECU at the customers request. The Bosch ME7 ECU is very straight forward in terms of data and software there is a single switch in the software to disable to immobiliser.

We perform immobiliser delete’s for trade and retail customers alike we can also just provide a software service for as long as you have a read of the EEP2. Turn around time for software is normally an hour and turn around time for the complete job including the removal of the ECU is a day.

For any further information on immobiliser deletes or immobiliser disable please feel free to get in touch. We can perform immobiliser deletes by Post on Site in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk aswel as at our Saxmundham based workshop.