Ford Transit MK7 DPF Regeneration & Carbon Clean

Over the past few weeks we have been working with a contractor that has been having DPF issues and a number of general running faults on a number of ford transit vehicles. The vans were brought into the workshop to be diagnosed and repairs. As ford diagnostic specialists we have and use Ford IDS to diagnose vehicles with accuracy first time.

The ford transit pictured had a number of fault codes stored relating to the DPF Filter and the EGR valve. Both P2002 and P0400 had been stored in the ECU. As both code will not clear and stay off after a short test run we advised upon a carbon clean and DPF regeneration to cure the faults present.

First of all we performed the carbon clean so as to remove the majority of the carbon deposits that are lurking in the engine after a 2 hour session we were finally starting to see results after the 150K engine had a full clear out.

Secondly we had to perform a regeneration of the DPF filter, The DPF Filter would have been clean mildly by the carbon clean as stream from the carbon clean would be forced through the exhaust and DPF filter. The DPF regeneration lasts around 50 Minutes including a warm up phase to ensure the engine is upto temperature.

The final stage is reset any adaptations in the PCM / ECU for the both the EGR valve and the DPF filter. After the adaptations have been reset we perform a driving cycle to ensure the re learn of both functions.

If you are looking for DPF regeneration or a carbon cleaning service please feel free to get in touch. Our workshop is based in Saxmundham, Suffolk between Ipswich and lowestoft as stones throw from the A12. If you are looking for some advise or help to see if either a DPF Regeneration or a carbon clean is suitable for your vehicle please feel free to start a live chat or phone us.