Mercedes Sprinter Remap with EGR & DPF Delete

Mercedes sprinter remap

This 2.1 Mercedes sprinter uses the Delphi Engine control unit, meaning that the remap can be applied by VIA the OBD port. No removal of the ECU is require and all communication is via the diagnostic interface. We applied a Stage 1 remap to this particular 2011 Sprinter along with a DPF delete and an …

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Specialist Porsche Diagnostics

Porsche diagnostics in essex

We recently went to Wickford in Essex to investigate a 997 911 CAB, the customer had been to another Porsche specialist in Essex who had done some previous mechanical work. The key issue for this customer was the rear upper spoiler would not actuate on the interior button. Fully equipped with Porsche OEM diagnostics PIWIS …

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BMW Electrical fault Update -Specialist BMW Diagnostics

BMW Specialists based in Suffolk

BMW Diagnostics using BMW ISTA + Following a previous blog post on the 2.0D X drive BMW X3. This BMW came into our workshop after visiting a BMW dealership and another BMW specialist who could were unable to fix. The vehicle arrived with us with 22 fault codes stored in the engine ECU. After spending …

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Mobile diagnostics in snape, Suffolk

snape garage

on Thurdsay evening we were called out to a local customer based in Snape just down the road from us in Saxmundham. The Mitsubishi L200 was in need of our auto electrical services as it had a number of mystery faults. Neither remote key won’t unlock the vehicle however once the remote control button is …

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TDV8 Range Rover EGR Disable INC Blank

Range Rover diagnostics

As pictured Steve is under his own range rover TDV8, Steve is a friend of GEL Automotive and popped in as his TDV8 was in limp mode and basically no longer driveable. Firstly we plugged in Landrover SDD to run a full diagnostic test. Firstly the DPF filter was blocked with excessive soot mass and …

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BMW EWS Repair / EWS Fault


The most common fault for the BMW EWS system is 2F44, The 2F44 Normally will result in a non start situation as the DDE / DME is unable to communicate or see the EWS. We can fix this fault by either making the DDE / DME virgin or by re syncing the DME / DDE …

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