Car Diagnostic Testing

Turning up your car radio to avoid knocks and bangs from faulty car parts doesn’t work anymore just before you car finally gives up you’ll probably see an engine management light along with this EML you will have codes stored in the cars ECU these fault code give the mechanic some idea of the what how and why, The engine management codes will present them self’s on your dashboard in the form of a solid or flashing amber engine light. GEL Automotive are car and commercial vehicle diagnostic specialists, We provide a mobile diagnostic service across Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.

Most vehicles go into a garage from diagnostic testing then you become at the mercy of the garage and its mechanics. Number one here how do you know what they are saying is true ? and secondly once they have your vehicle its hard to remove and take else where. Here is where GEL Automotive come in we provide an independent diagnosis from as little as £45 in Suffolk,Essex and Norfolk. We can diagnose your faults on site at any location of your choice sometimes we may require internet access so please ensure this is available where possible. If you are in doubt about a the diagnosis and faults your vehicle may have and it is at a garage we can provide a second opinion.

Most engine management faults in our experience relate to a faulty sensor most of the time this is a straight forward fix and just requires to replace and re code the offending sensor. GEL Automotive also provide coding and programming for Keys, ECU’s, Battery’s, headlights. Most electrical components require initialisation, coding or programming.