BMW E90 320D remap and popcorn limiter

This week we added a popcorn limiter to BMW 320D for a previous customer on his 320D touring. This E90 320D has the Bosch EDC16C35 ECU. The customer asked us to program a popcorn / hardcut limiter.

Popcorn Limiter / Diesel Hardcut

Popcorn limiters are the equivalent to the petrol ignition cut on a diesel. Normally a diesel will soft limit the revs and simply flat line to reduced or no engine torque. A popcorn / diesel hard cut is created in a similar way to a petrol hard cut however we are removing torque rather than ignition.

ECU Remapping – Suffolk

GEL Automotive are based in Suffolk and are able to provide a bespoke remapping service along side our core business or coding and programming. We are able to provide the traditional stage 1,2,3 remap along with a fully custom made software.