Our Customers Often Ask “What is ECU Remapping”

ecu remapping

It’s true that engine remaps were as soon as the maintain of geeky vehicle enthusiasts and also the boy-racer brigade, yet what was as soon as regarded as a often suspicious and also dark art has come to be surprisingly mainstream for many years. While it still calls for a degree of interest and excitement …

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Mercedes Sprinter Remap with EGR & DPF Delete

Mercedes sprinter remap

This 2.1 Mercedes sprinter uses the Delphi Engine control unit, meaning that the remap can be applied by VIA the OBD port. No removal of the ECU is require and all communication is via the diagnostic interface. We applied a Stage 1 remap to this particular 2011 Sprinter along with a DPF delete and an …

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Stage 1 Remap | Mercedes C300 Hybrid

Stage 2 Remapping

The W205 is a fantastic looking Mercedes, This W205 300 Hybrid owner was seeking a little more from the rather tame and refined 2.1 engine. The engine ECU used by the C300 is the Delphi CRD3, Communication is VIA OBD so a very simple and straightforward remapping experience. Power and torque figures for the C300 …

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