Volkwagen golf dashboard failure and mileage correction

This morning we were called to customer base in Great Yarmouth who had jump started his Volkswagen golf (mk6) on a 2012 reg. After the jump start he was left with no dashboard, no display, no lights. On arrival the first thing we did was check the fuses and he had blown the dash fuse BUT he had a mileage reading of 999999 this is the first time we hadd seen this happen from a jump start so we got to work. After cleaning the faults down with volkwagen ODIS we had no faults or internal errors. We also performed a BMS reset to ensure the battery was okay and not giving a faulse positive to the ecu or dash. The bms reset left us in the same position so we opted to simply change the mileage luckily the customer had a ohoto that he had sent to a friend just before so we opted to change the mileage to this mileage as the car had not moved. The customer was very very happy thst he not only had a working dashboard but the correct mileage dislayed. For more on Volkswagen mian dealer diagnostics, auto electrical services or mileage correction please feel free to get in touch