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On Thursday afternoon we had a Volvo V70 dropped off at the working with electrical issues, This V70 Fitted with the D5 engine had the fan running almost constantly even with the key removed. First of all we inspected the wiring loom visually to see if we could see any damage to the loom itself of the fan circuit.

Next we used a mixture of diagnostic tools including volvo vida to perform diagnostics and retrieve as much data as we possibly could as the ECU was not displaying any faults at all. After running a series of test plans we soon discovered that after moving a particular area of the wiring loom we could get the fan to disengage with using the diagnostic tool.

Next we used a break tester to test from the ECU plug to the fan but we had no breakage along this route. Next we opted to remove the loom and strip back so as we could see more into the individual wires and bingo we would a kinked wire with sight corrosion.

Volvo Auto electrician
Volvo Auto electrician

We cut back the wire to expose the corrosion and then remove the corrosion and we wired. After this we again ran a number of tests to ensure we could not get the fault to come back, we also test drove the vehicle to ensure the fan would cut in where it should and it did. All in all a fairly straight forward auto electrical procedure.

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