Volkswagen LIMP mode – DPF Blocked, diagnosed and fixed using Volkswagen ODIS

This Volkswagen caddy was recently recovered into us from the AA after struggling to start and then cutting out and being stuck in limp home mode.

Firstly the AA Had plugged in and given us some dpf fault code but they were unable to regenerate the dpf.

Diagnostic test using Volkswagen ODIS

After running a full test on the vehicle it was clear the dpf filter was blocked. Being at 120% full yes 120 % it was clear no amount of Regeneration would fix this straight away.

Luckily we are fully equipped with the latest Volkswagen main dealer diagnostic tool (volkswagen ODIS).

Blocked DPF – The solutions

We advised the customer on the options and costs involved. The customer opted for a dpf clean instead of the replacement. Cleaning the dpf filter is not always going to work but it will help to get the dpf in to a state where it is possible to regenerate.

We ran out dpf cleaner for around 1 hour until the exhaust was depositing clear fluid and then we booted ODIS back up to perform a regeneration.

This time the regeneration worked and we had been left with just 3% soot content in the dpf filter.

DPF Clean & Regeneration – cost effective

Our dpf clean and Regeneration saved the customer over £500 on the quoted price of a new filter without the labour.

All in all a very happy customer back on the road.