The Launch | Whats to come from GEL Automotive ?

Welcome to our new website,

GEL Automotive as some of our followers will know is a prestige Diagnostic, Coding and upgrade service. GEL Automotive was born from both a main dealer and a motorsport background over the past 13 years we have build the knowledge and experience to perform some very specialist tasks including Key Coding, ECU Testing and data recovery, Factory software activation and of course physical upgrades. Although our diagnostic and coding is “in house” with a mobile service we have selected the very best brands to put our name to when it comes to our “bolt on” upgrades, cleaning products and tuning accessories. Apart from our wealth of experience you maybe thinking why us ? Well here is why, are respected by other tuning company’s and have been for years although we have made a few changes over the years we are and always have been on hand for each and everyone of our clients night and day.


We look forward to working with you…..