P0238 Map Sensor fault – Diagnosed with VCDS

This 2.0 TDI VW crafter was recently in the workshop after experiencing limp mode with P0238 as a permanent fault code.

Firstly we ran a full scan with VCDS to capture the present and stored fault codes within the Engine ECU and other modules.

Quickly VCDS completed a full scan the main cause for concern was the MAP sensor code p0238 that is certainly the cause of limp. Mode in this case.

After testing and logging data we could clearly see the maximum boost pressure was not even close to where it should be.

As we did not meet the required boost pressure we ordered a new genuine volkswagen map sensor to ensure compatibility. After fitting the new MAP sensor we then tested the vehicle and logged the data so as to ensure the vehicle was fixed and no further issues were present.

After data logging and recording max boost pressure, fueling and temperature we were indeed sure that the vehicle was running as it should and fully fault free.

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