Carbon Cleaning in Suffolk

Recently we have had a large number of phone calls and bookings for our carbon cleaning service. Last week we have a Mercedes dropped off with the DPF Filter 400% yes this is not an error 400% full according the the Ask content level stored in the ECU. First of all pre carbon clean we ran diagnostics to highlight any faults present or pending in the ECU the customer was advised we may not be able to clean or clear his DPF due to the sheer “fullness” of the DPF Filter / Ash counter. After a Direct clean of the DPF filter (left to soak overnight) we set work on the actual carbon clean itself. First off we tried to force a static regeneration on the DPF this failed so we moved on the the carbon clean itself. We stated the clean off a low pressure then moved upto much higher pressures to clear the majority of the carbon from both the DPF filter and the EGR valve.

After a successful carbon clean we managed to regenerate the DPF Filter so we took the vehicle out for a run to ensure we had correct DPF pressures and all was performing as it should, We now has the ash counter cleared right down to virtually nothing with a good 2 Bar of DPF pressure (normal levels).

Need we say the customer collected the vehicle that evening with slight apprehension after visiting 3 local garages (Ipswich, Woodbridge area) the customer took the vehicle out for a well earned test drive to return with a smile. Need we say he was a happy customer. For more information of Carbon Cleaning in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk please feel free to get in touch.