2018 Audi TT Virtual Cockpit Fault / Instrument Cluster Fault

The customer had only purchased the vehicle (privately) a few days prior and thought it was due to a flat battery. After reading the ECU and Instrument cluster faults would were not able to clear the faults even after a full software update for both the engine ECU and the instrument cluster using ODIS and ODIS Engineering . With ODIS Engineering we could remove the fault but this is not safe for a road going vehicle as we are removing all traces of the fault from the ECU therefore the vehicle does not know about this error.

After a few hours of head scratching……. We noticed the mileage was not increasing and with further inspection we found a CAN BUS mileage blocker installed. The mileage blocker fitted to this virtual cockpit instrument cluster was only counting half the mileage the vehicle had actually covered. With 3 settings HALF > NO Mileage counted > Normal.

As Advised by the customer we wrote a full report with ODIS Diagnostic data and images for the customer to review and notify the previous owner.