VCDS, VAG-COM and VAS Activations and coding

Working with Volkswagen,Audi, seat and Skoda vehicles in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk on a regular basis we often get asked to code and program special features to cars using our specialist software. Below we take you through little “trick” on a Skoda.

Here’s how to activate the indicator celebration function (gauges test, needle sweep, cluster staging, welcome ceremony)

This is a very very simple function to activate firstly you will need either GEL Automotive OR the following main dealer diagnostic tools VCDS, VAG-COM or VAS to code and program the ECU.


Skoda Indicator Celebration activation

Connect with module 17 –

navigate to Instrument Cluster.

Choose procedure 07

– Adaptation.
Choose “indicator celebration” from the drop-down list.

Change stored value to ON or 1.

Save new value for this adaptation channel.

WAAAAAHOOO, your all done, enjoy.

For any information on coding, adaptations and programming on Volkswagen, seat ,Audi and Skoda in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex please do get in touch with your requirements.