Why do we use specific main dealer diagnostic tools ?

In summery we have specific / specialist diagnostic testing equipment for particular brands so that we can diagnose and fix faults FAST. Our diagnostic testing vehicle dependant is performed in the exact same way that the main dealer would so your getting the fault diagnosed in the same way using the same equipment.

The Main benefits of using main dealer diagnostics

First and foremost the tool was designed for the particular car / brand to aid the main dealer in finding faults and performing diagnostic tests. Diagnostics can vary depending on the equipment and the user, We have 13 years experience in road going and motorsport applications we also have superior knowledge in the EV (electric vehicle) and hybrid field due to our motorsport background in particular we can thank formula E for this. Many functions cannot be performed by one signal “generic” diagnostic testing such as key programming, air suspension to name two common problems we face. And in some cases a generic diagnostic test will give you a completely different fault code to really throw you off finding the true fault.

Can my local mechanic not perform a diagnostic test ?

Most can yes, BUT are you getting the right results ? do you need a fast turn around and can you even get your car to the mechanic ?

So many questions, Most mechanics and local garages will have the ability to provide a diagnostic testing service but in most cases from our own experience we have seen poor results in terms of finding the fault initially without the aid of a specialist diagnostic test using either specialist equipment or indeed a main dealer tool. If a mechanic or garage cannot find find the fault this is loosing you the customer time and costing you money only for a diagnostic specialist to be called upon.

Why GEL AUTOMOTIVE for specialist diagnostic testing ?

Apart from our huge amount of experience in fault finding and diagnostics and having a wealth of equipment including main dealer diagnostic tools for Ford, VW (Volkswagen), Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, BMW to name a few we also have advanced equipment for dashboards and mileage correction, Key coding and Key Programming and well as ECU coding and ECU programming. We are based in Aldeburgh, Suffolk but are able to provide a mobile service to Norfolk and Essex via our mobile diagnostic unit. We regularly visit towns such as Ipswich, Lowestoft, Colchester, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Thetford and Norwich sometimes on a weekly basis but most definitely on a monthly basis we will be visiting the above areas.