Why carbon clean before an MOT ?

Why you should book a carbon clean before your MOT, you’ve been to the main dealer or local garage for you regular service and all is looking good with your fresh oil and filters now it’s MOT time and you wondering if your car or van will pass the dreaded MOT. Well from an emmisions point of view we providing your car is fault free we can give you some reassurance that a carbon clean will keep you in the emmisions band and see you pass your emmisions test whilst restoring lost power and miles per gallon consumed due to carbon build up. Why does carbon reduce vehicle performance ? Carbon cloggs, you may think of carbon as a dust, now think of carbon as a gooey oily mess much like a tar. This is what is floating around your boost pipes, egr, dpf and engine sensors all can fail due to excess carbon build up that a carbon clean can remove. The main reason we recommend carbon cleaning on a yearly basis is to prevent excess carbon build up and maintain you engine cleanliness by cleaning out the carbon goo in your engine.