Volkswagen TDI VNT Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation for diesel engines, VNT Decarbonisation in particular can solve a very hard to fix issue with relative ease. VNT turbos have small veins that open and close depending on engine load and throttle position. The fault presents itself as turbo overboost along with limp mode in most cases. The simple reason for this is the VNT veins get stuck in one position and cannot function correctly, In the ECU’s mind it no longer has control of the turbo.

Overboost fix, The fix is to clean the VNT to dislodge the carbon build up. This can be dine by removing the turbo or by using a cleaner to chemically remove the carbon. BUT NOW we can use high pressure steam to dislodge any carbon buildup from the turbo veins. Using steam at high pressure is same on sensors the DPF and many other components that can be damaged from using chemical cleaners in particular.

is it just water / steam ? No its not just water we use a mix of methanol and water at around 10 Bar of pressure, this creates a super fine mist that will clean the VNT and any other mechanical part it comes into contact with.