Volkswagen commercial diagnostics (VW odis/vcds/vag-com)

GEL Automotive are fully equipped to diagnose faults using Volkswagen main dealer equipment. We can diagnose, code and programme just about any Volkswagen on the planet.

Volkswagen key coding, from losing all your keys to just having a remote programmed and coded we are able to provide a mobile service in suffolk, Essex and Norfolk for Volkswagen key coding and Volkswagen key programming. We can also diagnose and code steering lock and immobilizer faults with both Volkswagen cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Coding extras ? Yes we can. If your looking for cruise control coding or led light coding we are also able to provide a coding service for both vw cars and vw commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen ECU coding and ECU programming, if you need any control unit regardless of if it’s the main engine ECU, body computer or abs we can even initialise headlights.

Gel Automotive bring the Volkswagen dealership to your door in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk.