Volkswagen, Audi, VAG Group Feature coding

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Volkswagen, Audi, VAG Group Feature coding

We often get asked what can we code and programme in terms of VAG Group OEM features. So we put a small list together of the common factory settings / activations we perform regularly. Of course there are many more options and activation’s available this is just a list of basic common features.

MMI & Driver Information System

  • Enable VIM on MMI (Video/DVD in Motion)
  • Disable NAV & Phone warning messages while entering data at speed
  • Enable Automatic Gear selection shown in DIS
  • Enable Battery meter
  • Enable DIS with Efficiency Program
  • Enable DRL Selectable via MMI
  • Enable Hidden menu in MMI
  • Enable Import CDs to MMI’s HD
  • Enable Speed through MMI
  • Enable Bluetooth
  • Control Interior Ambient Light brightness in MMI
  • Control Daytime Running Lights in MMI

Comfort Operation

  • Enabled Open & Close Remote Windows/Sunroof using key fob
  • Disable After-wipe of windscreen wipers
  • Disable Key warning (keyless models)
  • Enable Double Disarm Beep
  • Enable Remote Operation windows & sunroof
  • Enable Reverse mirror tilt
  • Set Headlight washer – duration
  • Set Headlight washer – cycles
  • Open/Close Hatch/Trunk with Key fob
  • Fold Mirrors with Key fob
  • Close Windows/Sunroof with Rain Sensors
  • Disable Start and Stop
  • Open Hatch/Trunk/Liftgate with Foot Sensor


  • Enable amber corner lights
  • Enable amber side markers
  • Enable/Disable DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
  • Adjust LED Brightness
  • Disable LED ‘wink’ on turn signal
  • Enable Adaptive brake lights
  • Enable Ambient Interior Lighting Control
  • Enable Euro parking lights that turn on signal at night
  • Enable fog lamp to come on for the same side as that turn signal
  • Enable Front Turn Signals as Parking lights
  • Enable Independent Fogs control with high beams
  • Enable LEDs remain bright for parking lights
  • Enable Rear Tail Lights on with DRLs
  • Enable Corner/Curb Lighting with Steering Wheel
  • Adjust Lane Change Turn Signal Flash Count/Cycle

Instrument Cluster

  • Enable Gauge Test/Needle Sweep
  • Disable “Lights are on” warning
  • Disable Seat belt Chime
  • Display Fuel Consumption Since Last Refill
  • Disable Door Chime/Ding with Door Opened and Ignition On
  • Comfort Flashing – Set number of Blinker/Flashes between 1-5
  • Display Battery Charge Level in Cluster
  • Enable Automatic Hill Hold Assist ‘lite’
  • Enable Release Parking Brake without putting foot on Brake
  • Enable Release Parking Brake without putting on seat belt
  • Set Audi Parking System -Reverse Camera Switch OFF Speed
  • Adjust Hill Start Assist (Normal, Early, Late)
  • Deactivate Traction Control (ASR) and Stabilisation Control (ESC)
  • Check for and Clear any existing Fault Codes
  • Enable/Disable TPMS
  • Enable Auxiliary ventilation
  • Enable Lap Timer
  • Set Custom ADS settings
  • Clear ABS light
  • Hatch Pop Kit Coding
  • Retrofit Coding
  • Can bus Gateway Coding
  • Tilt / Telescope Steering Wheel not working? Reprogram J519 to Reactivate Functions
  • ABS Module Coding
  • Volk-L Bluetooth Coding
  • Multi-Function Steering Wheel Coding
  • Trailer Hitch Coding
  • Suspension Levelling Calibration Coding (Suspension Lowering)

For more information on VAG Group Activation’s and OEM features in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk, Please feel free to get in touch with GEL Automotive.